Clear concentration Subliminal Album

Concentration is a tricky subject. Some people seem to naturally lack concentration. Their mind tends to feel fatigued all the time, they seem to make an incredible effort to keep their attention high, yet they are lazy about it and like to think that's how their mind is made. Guess what? Concentration is just like a muscle. You have to exercise it in order to see it work or even grow.

If you are constantly trying to concentrate with no results, you are likely to just be putting your mind under extra strain. You are not helping it! So, whether you want to improve your attention levels, your focus, your mental clarity or just optimize your working time, this album is right for you. Here are some of the benefits you can expect by using this album:

  • See your concentration grow massively
  • Experience mental clarity
  • Have a clearer focus
  • Improve the quality of your work
  • Improve your interactions
  • Minimize your time wasting
  • Block external distractions

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  • Total concentration is mine
  • I have the power to focus my concentration
  • I remain alert
  • I remain focused
  • I easily block out thoughts unrelated to what I am working on
  • My goal of super concentration is easily achieved
  • I always think clearly
  • I am mentally alert and focused all the time
  • I block unwanted sounds
  • I can remember easily
  • My thoughts are clear
  • I focus on what I want
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Included Tracks

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Forest 11:04 Info
Water 9:34 Info
City Park 10:49 Info
Rain 10:41 Info
Wind Village 10:09 Info
Silence 10:00 Info
Sunrise on the moon 5:01 Info
Blue 4:20 Info
Here I am 4:10 Info
The Enchantment 3:52 Info
Moon River 3:41 Info
You Lie 3:25 Info
Tell her 4:23 Info
Brothers in arms 7:02 Info

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