Entrepreneur mentality Subliminal Album

More and more often, particularly from young people, the question arises: "What does it take to develop an entrepreneurial mentality?" Useless to say one must have a natural interest and predisposition for creating new business ideas itself, that is, the ability to enjoy and be passionate about them. Do you feel there is something more for you by creating your own business instead of working on a dead end job?

Entrepreneurs are not born, they are made. So you can teach yourself and use that passion and emotion to start your new business. Let your mind serve you with creative ideas and put them to work now. Opportunities present themselves and seldom come back, so are you going to let the next one pass you by? This Mindmp3 helps you to:

  • Develop and reinforce your entrepreneurial mindset
  • Develop a unique entrepreneurial view
  • Have the right intuitions
  • Develop your creativity
  • Work with passion
  • Be excited about growing your business
  • Recognize opportunities

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Included Affirmations

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  • I am a true entrepreneur
  • I always seek for new ideas
  • I recognize opportunities
  • I decide the best options
  • I act on my decisions
  • I continually reinvent my products
  • I continually reinvent my services
  • I find the best way to capitalize my business
  • I learn, learn, learn
  • I am bold
  • I analyze risk wisely
  • It feels good to have my own business
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Included Tracks

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Forest 11:04 Info
Water 9:34 Info
City Park 10:49 Info
Rain 10:41 Info
Wind Village 10:09 Info
Silence 10:00 Info
Sunrise on the moon 5:01 Info
Blue 4:20 Info
Here I am 4:10 Info
The Enchantment 3:52 Info
Moon River 3:41 Info
You Lie 3:25 Info
Tell her 4:23 Info
Brothers in arms 7:02 Info

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