Money Attraction 2 Subliminal Album

Money has turned into a necessity, now more than ever. There's nothing wrong, mean or evil about wanting to make money, on the contrary, it is quite a good motivation to have, granted that you remain in control of wealth and not be controlled by it. If you have already tried out the previous album, which I highly recommend, (and hopefully already benefited from it!) this one represents the very next step for you, as it specifically focuses on the practical side of attracting wealth.

Help your mind find and act on simple and practical ways to improve your business or your position at work, possibly double your income and make good use of your funds. Have the millionaire attitude to run and enhance your business.

  • Attract ideas to boost your business
  • Have the job you deserve
  • Move up the ladder
  • Find a way to double your income
  • Invest wisely
  • Attract profitable opportunities
  • See Money Attraction 1 for general abundance attraction affirmations

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Included Affirmations

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  • I am successful!
  • I can sense when to invest successfully
  • I learn from successful people
  • I learn from my mistakes
  • I am certain in my decisions
  • I create great business ideas
  • I work on my business ideas
  • I make my ideas profitable
  • I can delegate responsibility
  • I make business profitable
  • I am generous
  • I learn fast
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At this time custom affirmations are not available.

We hope to have this service back soon.

Included Tracks

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Forest 11:04 Info
Water 9:34 Info
City Park 10:49 Info
Rain 10:41 Info
Wind Village 10:09 Info
Silence 10:00 Info
Sunrise on the moon 5:01 Info
Blue 4:20 Info
Here I am 4:10 Info
The Enchantment 3:52 Info
Moon River 3:41 Info
You Lie 3:25 Info
Tell her 4:23 Info
Brothers in arms 7:02 Info

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