Anti-Insomnia Subliminal Album

Does the expression tossing and turning in bed sound familiar? If that's the case, you'll be glad to know you are not alone. According to some recent studies, due to the increasing amount of stress in modern societies, more and more people suffer from insomnia. Many medical journals state that it is not a disease, but a symptom. Many are the remedies out there, from the traditional camomile to the homeopathic products, to the slightly more chemical stuff.

If you've tried some of these out already, what you will have probably noticed is that, while these are still popular "cures", they are often just temporary, or have limited effectiveness. As our body has the incredible ability to get used to certain substances, so that, after a while, they will loose their initial power. What if you could tell your mind to help you fall asleep and wake up hours later totally refreshed. With subliminal affirmations within a period of a few weeks your mind will help you fall asleep easier, and more consistently. Remove the inner worries that maintain you awake and insert subliminal commands to reprogram your mind and help you rest all night. Here are some of the benefits you can expect to gain through this Mindmp3:

  • Restore a healthy biological rhythm
  • Teach your mind how "to switch off"
  • Each day sleep for longer periods of time
  • Release worries and stress
  • Improve your life quality
  • Wake up feeling rested
  • Notice: This album is not meant to replace medical treatment, therapy or advice

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Included Affirmations

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  • I will sleep like a baby tonight
  • I release all my stress
  • I release all my anxiety
  • All my worries float away when I sleep
  • I prefer a light dinner at night
  • When I'm home I feel sleepy at 11 PM every night
  • I drift into sleep easily and naturally
  • Sleeping is easy for me
  • I avoid coffee in the evening
  • Resting is good for my mind
  • Resting is good for my body
  • I fall asleep without trying
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Included Tracks

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Forest 11:04 Info
Water 9:34 Info
City Park 10:49 Info
Rain 10:41 Info
Wind Village 10:09 Info
Silence 10:00 Info
Sunrise on the moon 5:01 Info
Blue 4:20 Info
Here I am 4:10 Info
The Enchantment 3:52 Info
Moon River 3:41 Info
You Lie 3:25 Info
Tell her 4:23 Info
Brothers in arms 7:02 Info

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